Here at SFNaz, we are a church family that is focused on

Connecting People To The Heartbeat Of God:

Loving God - Loving Others - Living Sent

Mark 12:28-31


How do we do this?  We desire our church to...




Come weekly and worship with us and connect with God.


We believe that God is the creator of all that exists to worship Him

and give Him glory, honor and praise.  But we are not meant to do so alone.  So we come together weekly to reclaim time from the world and give it to God as an act of worship.   Psalm 34:1-3





Engage in discipleship and connect with others believers and God's word.


We believe that Jesus established His Body on earth in the Church and that the Church is a community that is meant to grow together as His followers.  A crucial element to the fulfillment of God's vision for His Church is discipleship.  What is discipleship? It is the process by which God's people grow in their relationship with Christ and are equipped to be disciples who make disciples.  Romans 12:2



Serve Christ both locally and globally and connect in ministry.


We believe that God cares about each and every person and that the Church is to show God's love, care and concern for them.  Every member of the Church is called to be a minister of the Gospel through both acts of loving service to others and through a willingess to share the truth of the Gospel.  And this is to be done with everyone at every opportunity.  Further, we believe that God's call for us to love others is meant to be shown both locally and globally.  And we take that call very seriously.

Matthew 28:19-20