Here at SFNaz we believe that we are called to make disciples who make disciples.  And engaging in intentional discipleship while in relationship with others is key to sustained spiritual growth.  This is why Connect Groups are such an important part of our process of discipleship.  We believe that during such times real life happens while you are sitting face to face with others, not in rows looking at the backs of heads.


Currently our connect groups are meeting on Sunday mornings at 9:30 through a traditional Sunday school setting.  However we have a vision to see our church family meeting together in homes and/or local business to fellowship together, study God's word together, pray together and care for one another.  In case you missed it, this journey is meant to be taken together.


The reality is that it is impossible for the Lead Pastor to personally minister to everyone who attends our church, so we place high priority on living life together. 


For more information about our current Connect Groups or to recieve info on upcoming Connect Groups, please contact the church office or email Pastor Richard.

We look forward to journeying through this process of discipleship with you!