Thanks for stopping by!  At SFNaz, we view our website as the front door to ministry.  Here you can find out what we're all about; our beliefs, our ministries, our worship experience and what to expect when you come.


But, what I'd really like for you to do is come join us for a weekend service.  Yes, there are many churches around that you could visit, but we believe this is a place where you can come, engage and serve.


When you come, you're going to find a church where God is doing some amazing things.  SFNaz has a long, rich history of ministry here in Sikeston and we believe God has a great future in store for us.  No, we may not be the biggest church in town, but when we come together, God is in our midst.


So take some time and check out the website, and then make plans to attend on a Sunday morning to see for yourself.  Whether you have attended church your whole life or you have never stepped foot in a church, we believe everyone can find their place at SFNaz. 


We're all looking forward to seeing you soon!


Grace and peace!

Richard Stout - Lead Pastor